“Many customers told me personally that this was the best seminar SYSCO has ever offered, and the evaluation results show just that.”

The MAGIC of Hospitality

Voted “Program of the Year” by the National Association of Catering Executives, “The MAGIC of Hospitality” continues to be our most popular presentation for all segments of foodservice. Funny, fast-paced, and filled with memorable stories, “MAGIC” reminds us all how important it is to treat a customer, student, member, patient or resident as a guest in our own home.

The “MAGIC” is in learning the five basic principles necessary to rise above the technical aspects of service in order to provide real hospitality.


  • The difference between service and hospitality
  • The one reason why statistically 68% of customers leave you
  • How four unhappy customers really means 1,000 unhappy customers
  • The costs of getting, keeping, and losing customers
  • What attitude really is, and how to change attitudes
  • Dozens of inexpensive or “free” gifts you can give to customers
  • How to stay motivated to have real focus on hospitality
  • The keys to consistency, and why it’s so important
  • How to build a guest-driven business

Learn what other businesses inside and outside the hospitality industry are doing about delivering truly great service, and how they are profiting from it. Find out what the real costs of losing one customer can be, and how expensive it can be to replace that one customer. Discover what brings customers to your business, what keeps them coming back, and what drives them away.

Walk away with exciting new ideas about delivering simple yet memorable acts of generosity to your customers, a new perspective on customer service, and an energized sense of direction, purpose, and excitement about the hospitality industry

“The MAGIC of Hospitality” is typically a keynote presentation.

However, it is also available as half-day or full-day workshop.