Dear friends of PGS,

What has happened since May of 2020, when I last blogged? For some, death, For others, birth. And everything in between birth and death in peoples’ lives — joy, sorrow, delight, anguish, thrills, despair. Acceptance, rejection. Hope, hopelessness. Wins, losses.

Personally, perhaps all of the above! Last summer witnessed an immense loss of business, but thru that, thanks to Jen and Adam, we developed a now significant part of our business, the virtual classes.  While some do not prefer virtual, others delight in attending their classes from bed on a Sunday morning, or in the restaurant on Monday afternoon, alone or with a group. No travel, or bad pizza for lunch, or a crowded hotel meeting room, or getting lost, or forgetting your book, or pencils and photo ID.  Other put up with those things for the great sense of community that classroom provides. And energy, And fun. I definitely prefer classroom, but love not having to travel—delayed flights, heavy luggage, lonely hotel rooms, lost Ubers, classrooms not set up properly, late pizza deliveries, hotel coffee. Life has many tradeoffs. Luckily for me, I don’t often choose. The choice has been made for me, I just choose my responses.

Last year, I went through a difficult divorce. I suspect that’s a redundant term, as all divorces must have some sort of pain and loss, dealt with or not, addressed head on or denied. Mine was getting a divorce from a woman I loved and still do. We just couldn’t seem to living together! I suspect we shall be better off as best of friends. 

The loneliness of last year’s ‘lock-down’ produced mild depression. I know I am not alone in that! But even during those trying months, I read more than I had in the last 10 years, and had wonderful times of meditation and contemplation.  It was a very good time for reflection, prayer, and spiritual growth.

Finally, upon returning to Chicago to be closer to my boys, ex-wives and Yankee friends, I was diagnosed with having inoperable, stage 4 stomach cancer.  While the prognosis isn’t generally great (3-5 years with chemo), there are always exceptions. I happily accept God’s will, and don’t ask ‘why’.  I have been blessed with an amazing life, filled with a beautiful family, great friends, and lots of fun (much of it not CFA-approved, hence the ‘squarebadge’ status).

I may blog once a month, or twice a year. Or maybe not at all.  But I do miss my work, and this helps me stay connected, which I think is something we must all be intentional about.



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